Gym Starz Gymnastics is one of the oldest gymnastic schools in the county founded by John and Beth Campbell in 1978. We are now in our 32nd season of continued growth and providing the county with the highest level and caliber of gymnastics instruction anywhere today. We are proud to offer the largest and best equipped National Training Center in the area. We offer very reasonable and affordable family rates for gymnastics.

Please come and visit our 12,300 square foot air conditioned facility designed to be the safest environment possible!    

To provide instruction for children of all ages and levels.

To provide for children of all abilities a happy and safe learning experience in fundamental movement and basic gymnastic skills. We help children experience mental acuity as well as physical aptitude.

Gymnastics is one of the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities. Basic gymnastic skills develop attributes that are perfect stepping stones for other sports and activities, flexibility, balance, strength and agility. Through proper instruction, children show progress in many key developmental areas. Gymnastics specifically will build physical fitness - especially strength, flexibility, body awareness, coordination, confidence, creativity and fun - the kind of fun that comes from accomplishing goals, making new friends and experiencing the excitement of learning new skills.

Gym Starz Gymnastics is proud of its highly qualified and experienced staff. They work with children of all ages and abilities. Our USAG/USAIGC certified staff has been carefully selected and trained to motivate students using positive reinforcement and fun activities. Members of our staff continue to attend seminars and clinics, keeping Gym Starz Gymnastics a leader with the most up-to-date training techniques in all apparatus.

We have a state-of-the-art facility containing a complete set of world class equipment for both gymnastics and cheerleading. Our equipment is of the highest quality design to accommodate all levels of competition including the same used in competition nationally - tumble track, and our new European national vaulting table, a superior piece of equipment.

Meet the Family

Owners, John and Beth Campbell, formed the Susquehanna Valley Gym Starz organization in 1978.

After their graduation from West Virginia University, daughters Angie Heckman and Misi Lucas joined the organization as full time coaches. The Campbell's third daughter, Joni, also joined the program a few years later after finishing her studies and Gym Starz became a family run program!

John and Beth Campbell - Owners,
USAG Pro Members, Safety Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified
John and Beth coach all aspects and levels at Gym Starz gymnastics, including dance. Beth instructs our dance program which all of our gymnasts are required to take once a week. Both have been coaching all levels for 32 years and have coached everything from recreation to Elite gymnastics. John and Beth have produced many, many great gymnasts. Most of them continued on to be incredible collegiate gymnasts. John and Beth have been training upper level National champions for over 30 years.

Angie Heckman - Former Gym Starz Gymnast
USAG Pro Member, Safety Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified
Specializing in floor and beam, she has led many gymnasts to greatness and has produced many state champions, including her own daughters, Madison, Currently a Penn State Gymnastics, and Aleigh, former gymnast, now a Cheer Starz member and soccer player. Angie is known for her artistic choreography. After graduating from West Virginia University with a BS in Sports Management, Angie joined her family as a coach at Gym Starz. Co-Founder of Cheer Starz Rockets, Choreographer
Angie has lead many cheerleaders to greatness. She has produced may national champions at these levels.

Misi Lucas -  Former Gym Starz Gymnast
USAG Pro Member, Safety Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified
Misi's role is to manage the class program and maintain the web site. Misi is also a West Virginia Univeristy Grad with a BS in Physical Education. Co-Founder of Cheer Starz Rockets
Misi, Angie and Joni all share the rule in developing the Cheer Starz Progam. She has also produced many National champions at these levels. 

Joni Campbell - Co-Founder of Cheer Starz Rockets, Senior Level 4/5 Team Coach
USAG Pro Member, Safety Certified, CPR/First Aid Certified
Along with her sisters, Joni has been coaching this team for many years. She has also produced many national team titles at this level. Joni was a gymnast with Gym Starz many years ago..  

​​Susquehanna Valley Gym Starz and Cheer Starz Rockets All Star Cheerleading

In 1997, Angie, Misi and Joni, formed the Cheer Starz Rockets All-Star cheerleading team. They went from one senior team in the beginning to now running the longest and most sucessful all-star cheerleading program in the area!

​Cheer Starz All Star Cheerleading has been in existence since 1997. With 4 competitive teams, we have lots of cheerleaders and are always looking for more. Stop by and check out our program!

Ask around! Chances are no matter where you cheer, someone there has been a Rocket...or been trained by the coaches at Gym Starz...

In the fall of 1997, the staff at Gym Starz Gymnastics decided to form a competitive cheerleading team. Together with 13 girls, they set out to form what later became known as "Cheer Starz Rockets" All-Stars.

The girls came together in November and quickly prepared for competition in February. Lead by freshman Cheryl De Francesco, this Junior team won everywhere they went. They were unstoppable! During their first season as an All-Star team, they competed in less than 6 competitions finishing with a great showing, a 4th place finish in Busch Gardens, VA. With a lot of hard work, these girls persevered and continued to help the program grow in numbers as well as ability.

Thank you for expressing interest in Susquehanna Valley Gym Starz Gymnastics and Cheer Starz Rockets All Star Cheerleading! We are a family run business and are very proud of the success of our programs!

+1.570.274.1653 or 570.286.1237

613 Market St. Sunbury PA 17801 US