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Angie's Story

 Head coach, Angie Heckman, has been a gymnastics coach for over 30 years. She attended West Virginia University where she also was a member of the gymnastics team. She is also a former Gym Starz Gymnast, and is currently a USAG Pro Member, Safety Certified, and CPR/First Aid Certified. 

​She has led many gymnasts to greatness and has coached multiple state, regional, and national level gymnasts that have gone on to compete at the collegiate level. Her own daughter, Madison Heckman, became a member of the Penn State Women's Gymnastics Team in 2015.

Madison's gymnastics journey first began to upscale at Gym Starz when she became a TOPs National Team Member. Therefore, not only is Angie well versed in optional level gymnastics, but also the TOPs, Hopes, and elite level programs. Madison was later invited to attend Karolyi's Ranch in Texas several times where Angie was able to work alongside US National Team Members and Olympic level coaches.

Due to Madison and Angie's success, Gym Starz gained invites to attend several high level camps. Today, Gym Starz gymnastics members are still able to attend these invite-only camps with Angie and have the chance to be coached by Olympic level coaches. 

A few years later, Angie coached Madison as she competed as a Level 10 gymnast for 4 years. During this time, Madison started to become recruited by several Division I Gymnastics Programs. Angie has learned the ins and outs of recruiting through helping her daughter and watching other gymnasts she coached go through the process. She was even able to help her daughter, Aleigh Heckman, through her recruiting process where she gained a scholarship at a Division I school for soccer.

Madison then went on to achieve her dreams at Penn State, and Angie has since returned to Gym Starz to work toward her dreams of helping young athletes in our area pursue those very same goals of becoming successful athletes and young adults.

Gym Starz Gymnastics is the only gym in our county that has helped in producing collegiate level gymnasts. Angie is also the only coach in this area that has been exposed to this wide array of high level gymnastics and coaching that has helped her athletes achieve greatness.